Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Founded in 1984, Ryanair Holdings PLC is one of the major airlines of Europe. It is headquartered in Swords, Dublin, Ireland. It also has subsidiaries named Ryanair DAC, Malta Air, Buzz, Lauda Europe, and Ryanair UK. Apart from this, the airline is also known for its elite airline services including flexible policies and procedures so that the passengers can easily navigate their flights right from booking to check-in. For better understanding, this blog by AirCancellation will provide detailed information on Ryanair's Cancellation Policy. However, if you require in-depth information, you can call officials of Ryanair at +44 113 868 4151 or +1-888-826-0067.


What is the standard Ryanair Cancellation Policy?

Below are some standard Ryanair Cancellation Policy that you need to adhere to before you cancel your flight:

Cancel due to flight delay: You can cancel your flight in case it is delayed by 5 hours or more. However, you can claim a refund for an unused portion of the flight.

Death of a family member: You can cancel your flight in case you are going through a critical situation such as the death of a close family member. The deceased one must be an immediate family member. passenger s can even cancel their flight if they are going through serious illness.

Timeline: If the booking cancellation is not permitted, passengers can change the flight up to 2.5 hours before the scheduled departure.

Schedule Change: If the airline changes the schedule for 5 hours or more, you will have the option to pick an alternative flight or cancel/refund the booking. In this, you don't have to pay the Ryanair cancellation fee.


What is Ryanair Cancellation Policy under 24 hours?

For flights to/from Canada and the United States, passengers are allowed to cancel the flight and request a full refund under the following conditions:

  • The scheduled departure must be booked at least 7 days prior departure date.
  • The flight booking must be under the operations and marketing by Ryanair only.
  • However, it is important to note that flights with a codeshare or interline agreement will not be applicable for a 24-hour cancellation window as per Ryanair's Cancellation Policy.
  • In case you have canceled your flight within 24 hours, you can expect the refund within 7-10 business days.


What is Ryanair Cancellation Fee?

Ryanair provides a refund of the governmental taxes from the departure country for a canceled flight once it is requested. Apart from this, all other charges will be non-refundable. However, Ryanair charges a €20 administrative fee per passenger for the refund process.


What is the Ryanair Flight Refund Policy?

Below are some guidelines one needs to take care of before canceling their flight under the Ryanair Flight Refund Policy:

  • Ryanair flights are mostly non-refundable. 
  • If your flight is operated and you did not travel, in that case, you will not be able to get a refund against your flight cancellation.
  • In some cases, Ryanair cancels your flight or fails to operate the flight according to some reasonable circumstances, you will be entitled to get refund. 
  • You will be entitled to get refund if anyone in your family member dies within 28 days of your booked flight who is also not flying with you or someone in your family is seriously ill.


What is the procedure to cancel Ryanair Flight?

Ryanair Airlines' online cancellation process:

  • First of all, go to the official website of Ryanair.
  • Click on “My Booking”.
  • Now, enter the Reservation Number and Email Address.
  • After that, click on “Retrieve your booking”.
  • Now, the screen will open with your booking details. 
  • Now, you can cancel, change flights, and add seat upgrades to your preferred booking.


Cancel Ryanair flight by calling their customer service number

Visit the official website of Ryanair and click on the Help Center. It is advisable that before you call the representatives of Ryanair, make sure you are ready to present your details such as reference number, last name, and photo ID proof (if required). You can call the Ryanair customer support number at +44 113 868 4151. Once you connect with the representative, the airline agent will assist you with the cancellation process. Make a note that the airline will process the cancellation if there’s an involuntary flight cancellation. 

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