Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy

Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy

Emirates Airlines, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, is well recognized for transporting several million passengers every year. Emirates, the biggest airline in the world, has one of the quickest rates of expansion. The airline's network development is all the more significant because it is the largest operator of the gorgeous Airbus A380 aircraft. But things don't stop there. We are here to learn everything about Emirates Airlines' Baggage Policy with the help of AirCancellation.

In just two years after starting to grow its network in 1985, Emirates Airlines has one of the biggest networks in the entire globe. With more than 150 destinations spanning more than 80 countries, Emirates Airlines is well-liked by passengers for its wide amenities and services.

Now, when you are thinking of traveling in the Emirates, you should be well aware of the airline’s baggage policy as that will help you to plan beforehand and you will be able to avoid getting charged for your baggage.


Carry-On Bags Allowance

Depending on the class of travel, all carry-on bags must meet the following specifications and fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you:

Allowance for Economy Class: 1 Carry-On bag

Maximum Carry-on Luggage Dimensions: 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm/22 in x 15 in x 8 in (length x width x height)

Maximum Carry-on Baggage Weight: 15 pounds (7 kilograms)

First-class and business class passengers are permitted one briefcase and either one handbag or one garment bag.

Maximum Briefcase Dimensions: 18 in x 14 in x 8 in (55cm x 38cm x 20cm)

Maximum Handbag Dimensions: 22 in x 15 in x 8 in (55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm)

Maximum Garment Bag Dimensions (Folded): 8 inches (20 cm)

Maximum Carry-On Weight: 26 pounds (12 kg).

Passengers departing or arriving in North or South America:

Economy Baggage Capacity: 2 Items

Economy Maximum Dimensions (length + width + height): 62 linear inches/158 cm

Passengers in economy class may weigh up to 50 pounds (23 kg).

Business/First Baggage Permit: Two Items

Maximum dimensions for business/first: 62 linear inches/158 centimeters (length + width + height).

Passengers in business and first class are limited to 70 pounds (32 kg) of weight.

Other-destination passengers can get in touch with Emirates or consult the baggage chart.


Fees for Overweight Baggage:

USD 50 is the cost for any suitcase weighing between 50 and 70 pounds (23 to 32 kilograms).

Over 70 pounds/32 kg will not be allowed in a single bag.


Changes to Baggage allowance in case other airlines’ involvement

Existing reservations will have complete information on your checked baggage allowances for each flight in your itinerary on your ticket. For information about Emirates codeshare flights run by other airlines, please get in touch with us. For non-codeshare flights, get in touch with the relevant airline.

For travel to places outside of the United States: Different baggage policies may be in effect for the parts of your itinerary that are flown by airlines other than Emirates on the same ticket as your Emirates flights.


Different luggage regulations may be in effect for flights departing from the United States:

If Emirates is the first airline you fly with, its luggage allowance rules will apply to the entire trip, including any flights on other carriers.

If your initial trip is not with Emirates, your entire route may be subject to that airline's luggage regulations. Due to US Department of Transportation laws, which mandate that airlines follow the baggage policy of the initial carrier of the trip throughout the entire route, this is the case.

For travel to the US: If your itinerary includes flights on the same ticket that are not operated by Emirates, different baggage policies may be in effect for these sections.

Your e-ticket receipt and the baggage policy that is relevant to your particular route will be shown to you throughout the purchase process on Emirates official website. If the baggage policy of another airline applies to your reservation, you must purchase any extra luggage allowance from that airline alone; discounts may be available for paying in advance or through the carrier's website. Please get in touch with the carrier directly if you have specific inquiries concerning another airline's luggage rules that aren't answered during the booking process or on the e-ticket receipt.

Certain additional baggage limits are free of charge for passengers with special needs, but are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Passengers with sleep problems are allowed to check one sleep apnea device, such as a CPAP machine or a PAP machine, as checked baggage as long as they abide by IATA's dangerous goods regulations. Please check our advice on health and accessible travel for details on how to use these devices while in the air.
  • Wheelchair-dependent passengers are permitted to board the airplane with a fully collapsed wheelchair that is kept in the cargo hold. Braces and crutches can be stored in the aircraft hold for use by passengers who need them.
  • Before setting off on their journey, passengers traveling with battery-powered wheelchairs should make arrangements with their local Emirates office.
  • One portable kidney dialysis machine and any necessary ancillary equipment may be transported by passengers who are reliant on it in the aircraft hold.
  • Assistance dogs for passengers with hearing or vision impairments may be loaded in the hold in kennels; they are not allowed in the cabin.


Baggage fees on Emirates Airlines

You are able to take advantage of Emirates excess baggage costs at a discount of 50 to 60% if the excess baggage allowance is purchased well in advance, up to four hours before the departure of your trip. Emirates offers extra baggage services with a 50 kg weight limit that may be purchased in blocks of 5 kg.

Depending on your starting point and destination, buying Emirates extra luggage services at the airport will cost anywhere from USD 15 to USD 50. If the per-piece model is used, it will cost USD 200 (by weight model).

If you want to know more about Airlines baggage policy, Visit AirCancellation or Cal our 24 hours toll free number at +1-888-826-0067.

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