ITA Airways Cancellation Policy

ITA Airways Cancellation Policy

There can be multiple reasons you might have to cancel your flight with ITA Airways such as illness, death of a family member, any natural calamity, and government announcement. So, if you are planning to cancel your flight, you must know its cancellation policy. This page by AirCancellation will provide you with comprehensive guidance so that you can avoid any discrepancy or extra levied charges. If you require more information, call ITA Airways at +1-877-793-1717 or +1-888-826-0067.

Italia Trasporto Aereo popularly known as ITA Airways is a major carrier based in Italy. Its headquarters is located at Via Venti Settembre 97, Rome, Italy. The airline has a plan to rise to 105 aircraft including 23 wide-bodies and 82 narrow-bodies with 75% of new generation aircraft. They consistently provide evolved services making it the ideal airline to choose for your next flight trip.

What is the ITA Airways Cancellation Policy?

Below is the list of some general guidelines under the ITA Airways Cancellation Policy:

  • If your flight has been canceled, you will be offered another Italia Trasporto Aereo flight or any equivalent alternative that will allow you to reach your destination as soon as possible. In case, you prefer to have the refund against cancellation, the airline will provide the same.
  • Under the ITA Airways 24-hour Cancellation Policy, you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking and get a complete refund without any cancellation fee.
  • In case you bought a non-refundable fare, you will not be eligible to get the refund against it. However, you can preserve the flight price for future pay. For that, you just need to pay the change fee.
  • In case you bought a refundable fare, you can cancel the flight and get a complete refund against it. However, you might be charged with a ITA Airways cancellation fee. 
  • The airline can charge a cancellation fee against almost every fare type including refundable tickets. 
  • If they cancel your flight, you may be entitled to a complete refund or option to rebook your flight with no additional cost. 
  • You can request a change in your flight before the scheduled departure or later(valid for one year from the original flight date under the ITA Airways flight change policy. 

What is the ITA Airways Refund Policy?

Below is the list of some general guidelines under the ITA Airways refund policy:

  • If your flight is canceled by ITA Airways, you will be offered another Italia Trasporto Aereo flight or other flight options toward your destinations.
  • In case the airline is not able to provide you assistance such as cancellation due to excess demand for flights. They will provide you with compensation for the same.
  • In case you refuse to get the reimbursement against the hotel accommodation at the airport or transport by bus to/from the airport, the airline will not be liable to reimburse the same. 
  • If there’s any circumstance in which the airline has to cancel your flight. These conditions can be bad weather, government announcements, air traffic control strikes, or airport closures. In such cases, you will not be able to request compensation.

What is the ITA Airways Baggage Policy?

ITA Airways provides two types of baggage allowance including hand baggage and checked baggage. Below are the detailed guidance for the same:

  • The hand baggage you bring on board must have a weight limit of 8kg and the maximum size need not be more than 55cm in height, 35cm in width, and 25cm in depth including handles, side pockets, and wheels.
  • You can even bring an accessory of your choice from a handbag, work backpack, and laptop computer under the ITA Airways baggage allowance.
  • Each checked baggage will be allowed with a maximum size of 158 cm (the sum of height + width + depth) and a maximum weight of 23 or 32 kg considering travel class and destination.

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