Is Singapore Airlines having a 24-hour grace period?

Yes, Singapore Airlines provides a 24-hour grace period in which passengers can cancel their flight within 24 hours of booking allowing them to get a complete refund against it. When you are going to make it more about the airline’s cancellation policy, it will help you navigate your booking cancellation more easily and in no time.

What is Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Before you cancel your flight with the airline, you must know about the Singapore Airlines Cancellation Policy:

  • If you want to cancel your flight with the airline, you can cancel any type of ticket that you have bought with the help of Singapore Airlines.
  • The airline only allows those flights to be canceled that are booked through the official website of Singapore Airlines or customer service at 1800-2244243 or +1-888-826-0067.
  • The airline may cancel your ticket because of many unforeseen reasons such as bad weather conditions, sudden government announcements, air traffic, unavailability of the pilot, and many others.
  • In case you or any member of your family gets ill and because of that you are unable to board on the said departure date, you will also need to provide the medical certificate before you start the cancellation process.
  • In case you have booked your ticket with a third-party agency, then you will have to contact them for all the after-booking processes. 
  • Yes, you can cancel your remaining flight and get a refund against it. However, you have to check the airline’s cancellation condition to ensure the same.
  • You cannot cancel one segment of the flight, you will have to cancel the full flight and get a complete refund against it.
  • You can cancel your flight by visiting Manage Booking which is the easiest way to cancel your flight.

What is the 24-hour cancellation policy?

When you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking and 7 or more days prior to scheduled departure, you will get a complete refund against it without any cancellation fee. This process comes under Singapore Airlines. Passengers who fail to cancel under this policy may have to provide a certain amount of cancellation fee.

What is the Singapore Airlines Refund Policy?

Before you request Singapore Airlines, you must know about the airline’s refund policy which will help you get the maximum out of flight cancellation:

  • All the refundable tickets are eligible for refund against cancellation depending on when you cancel, route, and more.
  • In case you cancel your non-refundable ticket, you will only get the refund for taxes. However, the original value of the flight ticket will be forfeited.
  • In case you have bought a ticket to or from the USA, you will be eligible to cancel your ticket without any Singapore Airlines cancellation fee. The only condition is that you have to cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking and 7 days before scheduled departure.
  • In case the airline cancels your flight because of unpredictable circumstances including bad weather conditions, air traffic, or lack of staff/passengers. In such a situation, the airline will provide you with compensation or a flight alternative. 
  • The refund reflection may take around 7 business days for the credit card payment and 20 days for the cash payment.

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