Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy: Guide to Getting Money Back

Whether you are a regular flyer or new to Spirit Airlines, you must know their different policies to ease your process throughout the flight journey. This blog by AirCancellation will help you to know in detail about Spirit Airlines cancellation policy, Spirit Airlines Refund Policy and some tips on how to cancel your flight with Spirit Airlines. Let’s start.


What is Spirit Airlines cancellation policy?

Knowing Spirit Airlines cancellation Policy will give you clarity if you are forced to cancel your flight for whatever reason. These are its salient features: 

Spirit Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

  • Regardless of the type of ticket you have, if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund to the original payment method. However, in this situation, you should plan for your travel to depart at least seven days in advance.
  • After the risk-free period, you are expected to pay cancellation fees as they are due.


Spirit Airlines Cancellation due to Death, Illness and others.

Spirit Airlines' cancellation policy states that you won't be charged a fee in any of the situations such as family member passes away, Illness, Identity theft, Military, judicial, or government commands.

When Spirit Airlines cancels the flight

  • You will receive free lodging if an airline cancels a flight the day before it is scheduled to depart.
  • You won't be charged a cancellation fee for flights that are canceled due to inclement weather.
  • The airline will provide you advance notice if a flight is delayed, preponed, or canceled.
  • You will be given a seat on the following trip between the same departure and destination points, in accordance with Spirit's cancellation policy.

How to Cancel a Spirit Flight?

Spirit Airlines has created a simple procedure for canceling your reservation because travel plans sometimes change suddenly. This is the procedure.

  • Visit Spirit Airlines' official website.
  • Activate the “My Trips” tab.
  • Type in your name and the verification code.
  • Choose the flight for which you must cancel your reservation.
  • To change flights, scroll down.
  • If necessary, follow the prompts to choose a different flight.
  • Now the page will how-up with your booking details.
  • You can cancel your booking just by clicking the “Cancel” button.
  • After that you will get the confirmation of cancellation on your registered email address or phone number.
  • Once the cancellation is confirmed, you will get the refund within 5-7 businessdays as per your flight type and when you cancel your flight.


What is the Cancellation Fee for a Spirit Flight?
  1. You must pay specific fees when canceling your reservation with Spirit.
  2. Your cancellation cost with Spirit Airlines ranges from $69 to $119. If you cancel a flight inside the 24-hour window, you can cancel the flight.

The costs and the number of days until the flight's scheduled departure are listed below.

  • 31-59 days: $69; 60+ days: free
  • 7 to 30 days: $99; 0 to 6 days: $119


What is Spirit Airlines refund policy?

The return policy at Spirit Airlines is straightforward but stringent. However, you'll be qualified for a complete refund if

  • You change or cancel your travel plans at least 60 days before departure.
  • You can cancel it within 24 hours. However, it is important that there are 7 days left for the departure.
  • Spirit has canceled your flight. 
  • In case there is a 2 hour or more delay in your flight. 
  • Your flight has changed, however the new flight is not suitable for you. 
  • If you can show the airline with sufficient documentary proof and they agree, you are legally required to cancel your flight in the event of a serious illness, death, jury duty, etc.


What is Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit?

The confirmation code you received (by email) when you canceled your trip is called a Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit. This 6-digit alphanumeric code can be used to pay for tickets, seats, and luggage as well as vacation packages, fees, taxes, and other charges. Reservation Credits can be redeemed online at Spirit.com or over the phone, but not through the mobile app.

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