Saudi Airlines Cancellation Policy

Saudi Airlines Cancellation Policy

Choosing Saudi Airlines as your travel partner can be a smart investment for anyone who is looking for an ideal airline. The airline is known for its flexible policies and procedures that allow passengers to easily navigate the process right from booking to check-in. Apart from this, the airline also provides high-end amenities and innovative service for a dynamic experience. This page by AirCancellation will provide you with comprehensive guidance on Saudi Airlines Cancellation Policy. for in-depth information, you can also call the Saudi AIrlines customer service number at 1-800-472-8342 or +1-888-826-0067.

What is Saudi Airlines' cancellation policy?

Before you cancel your flight with Saudi Airlines, you must know about its Saudi Airlines cancellation policy:

For International Flights: If you cancel your ticket at least 14 days before departure for the unused portion, you can claim a refund against it.

From 14 days to 24 hours before departure, you have the option to take the alternative flight provided by Saudia at no additional cost including hotels, meals, and transportation to/from the airport until the new travel date or you can cancel your ticket and ask for a full refund and claim compensation equivalent to 50% of the value of your unused ticket. 

Domestic Flights: You can cancel your ticket at least 7 days before departure or you can either take the alternative travel option offered by Saudia Airlines and claim for a full refund.

If it remains 7 days to 24 hours of scheduled departure, you can take the alternative flight offered to you by Saudia Airlines with no additional charges for hotel, meals, and transportation to/from the airport until the new travel date. Also, you can cancel your ticket and ask for a full refund 

Cancellation policy for delayed flights

  • If the flight is delayed by 6 hours or more, it will be considered as a canceled flight and the flight will come under Saudi AIrlines ancellation policy.
  • If the flight is delayed for less than 6 hours, you will not be compensated for the delay. However, the airline will provide you guidance as per requirement. 
  • You get the rescheduled flight from Saudi Airlines within 14 days of the original flight departure time. You will be offered an alternative flight.
  • You can cancel your alternative flight without even getting charged for any flight cancellation fee. However, you will not be eligible for any compensation in case you reject the alternative flight.

What is the Saudi Airlines Refund Policy?

Below are some of the guidelines you will need to follow these guidelines under the Saudi Airlines Refund Policy:

  • According to Saudi Airlines, you will be refunded against your cancellation by cash, bank transfer, cheque, or EMD within 10 working days from the date of the refund request procedure on the floor.
  • In case you receive an EMD for compensation, you will be eligible to reissue your ticket without paying an additional fee, you can receive it as cash, bank cheque, or bank transfer through Saudi Airlines' official website or sales office.
  • If you are applying for a refund, you need to present your personal identification document approved by legal authority.
  • Saudia will refund either to the person named on the ticket or the person who has paid for the ticket. However, it is mandatory to have the required documents.
  • Saudi Airlines will provide a refund for the ticket cancellation when you present the ticket number of the unused ticket or its receipt along with all the unused flight coupons.
  • Saudia will not accept any liability for tickets refunded to a person who presents the ticket receipt and unused coupons. Apart from this, you can contact Saudi Airlines to get the latest information on cancellation policy at 1-800-472-8342 or +1-888-826-0067.


We are positive that the above information has added some value to your curiosity about knowing Saudi Airlines' cancellation policy. AirCancellation has been delivering authentic travel information to earn the trust of its users. We keep on updating the latest information on popular airlines, destinations, nd routes.

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