Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation Policy

As one of Asia's leading airlines, Cathay Pacific ensures passenger convenience and flexibility through its well-defined cancellation guidelines. Whether you're planning a trip or seeking clarity on potential changes to your itinerary, this guide will equip you with essential knowledge to navigate Cathay Pacific cancellation policy and process smoothly and make informed decisions about your travel arrangements as discussed on this page by AirCancellation.

What is the 24 hours Cathay Pacific Cancellation policy?

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy within 24 hours is applicable to both refundable and non-refundable fares offered by the airline. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • To qualify for a full refund, the cancellation must be initiated within 24 hours of booking.
  • The scheduled travel date should be at least 7 days or more from the booking date.
  • The Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy 24 hours is only valid for flights originating to and from the U.S. and Canada.
  • Refunds for cancellations under this policy will typically be processed within 7-10 business days using the original payment method.
  • Notably, the 24-hour cancellation policy does not extend to partner or codeshare agreement flights, unless the e-ticket number provided by partners starts with 160.

By understanding these essential aspects of Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy 24 hours, passengers can confidently make and modify their travel arrangements while enjoying greater flexibility and peace of mind. Call +1-888-826-0067, the Cathay Pacific 24 hours contact number for more details.

What does the Cathay Pacific cancellation policy say actually?

Cathay Pacific cancellation policy is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • If the airline provides at least 14 days' notice before the scheduled departure, passengers are not entitled to compensation. They have the option to either receive a full refund or reschedule the flight for the next day.
  • In the event of being marked as a no-show on a flight, no refund is applicable. However, passengers can reissue their ticket for a new date and destination, converting the ticket cost into a travel credit.
  • Upon redemption, a Cathay Pacific refund fee of 150 USD and a no-show fee of 50 USD will be applied. The travel voucher remains valid for two years from the cancellation date.
  • According to Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy, all fare types, regardless of the class of service, are eligible for changes and cancellations.

Do I get any compensation for flight delays?

Flight delays can lead to passenger compensation under Cathay Pacific cancellation policy. If a passenger's booked flight experiences a delay of 3 hours or more, the following compensations are applicable:

  • 275 USD compensation for trip distances of 1500 KM or more.
  • 450 USD compensation for trip distances ranging between 1500-3500 KM.
  • 675 USD compensation for trip distances of 3500 KM or more.

Furthermore, in the event of a flight delay of 6 hours or more, passengers have the option to abandon their trip according to Cathay Pacific cancellation policy. This flexibility allows passengers to make informed decisions based on the specific circumstances of the delay and their travel preferences.

What is the time frame for canceling Cathay Pacific reservations without incurring a penalty?

Passengers can cancel their Cathay Pacific reservations within 24 hours from the date of purchase, and a full refund will be initiated without any penalty. Additionally, refunds without penalties are applicable in the following situations, as per the Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy:

  • If the reservation status is overbooked.
  • In the unfortunate event of a passenger's death.
  • If there is a Cathay Pacific flight delay of 6 hours or more.

Understanding these specific scenarios allows passengers to make informed decisions about canceling their reservations and ensures a smooth and hassle-free process when seeking a refund from the airline.

How to cancel Cathay Pacific flights?

To cancel Cathay Pacific tickets online, follow these simple steps on their official website:

  • Visit the Cathay Pacific flight booking website.
  • Navigate to the 'Manage Booking' section, which allows you to make cancellations or modifications.
  • Enter your six-digit airline confirmation number or the 16-digit e-ticket number, along with the first and last name of the passenger.
  • Click on the 'cancel my booking' button to initiate the cancellation process.
  • Upon completing the cancellation, a confirmation email will be sent to the travelers, along with the receipt of cancellation from Cathay Pacific.

By following these user-friendly steps, passengers can conveniently cancel their Cathay Pacific tickets online, providing ease and efficiency for managing their travel plans.

What is the Cathay Pacific cancellation fee?

Cathay Pacific applies a consistent cancellation fee of $150, regardless of the ticket type. For passengers who have chosen a refundable fare, a deduction of $150 is made as cancellation charges, and the remaining fare balance is eligible for a refund. However, for non-refundable fares, the entire ticket amount is forfeited, and the Cathay Pacific flight cancellation fee does not apply. Consequently, travelers with non-refundable tickets are not entitled to any refund for their canceled flight.

It's important for passengers to consider Cathay Pacific cancellation policy when making travel arrangements to ensure they are aware of the potential costs associated with cancellations. Cancellation fees for Cathay Pacific flights may vary depending on factors such as the fare type, route, and class of service. It's essential to refer to the specific fare rules and conditions of your ticket to determine the applicable cancellation fee by contacting AirCancellation at +1-888-826-0067.

What is the Cathay Pacific Refund Policy?

  • If you have purchased your ticket directly from Cathay Pacific and have already submitted a refund request through Manage Booking, the online refund form, or Customer Care, you can conveniently check your refund status for the last 90 days by logging into the Manage Booking portal or calling +1-888-826-0067.
  • For partially used tickets eligible for a refund, the refunded amount will be credited back to the original payment credit card or bank account used for the purchase as per the Cathay Pacific Refund Policy.
  • In the case of redemption tickets, you can cancel a completely unused ticket for a fee of USD 120 or 17,000 via our online form, accessible through the link provided. This process must be completed before your ticket's expiry date as per the Cathay Pacific Refund Policy.
  • Upon cancellation, the Asia Miles balance used to claim the award will be credited back to your account. Airport taxes and fuel surcharges will be refunded to the original payment credit card within 4 to 6 weeks at the prevailing rate of exchange.

For more information on Cathay Pacific cancellation policy, you can reach out to AirCancellation at +1-888-826-0067 which is available for you 24/7.

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