JetBlue Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Flight Change Policy: Everything You Need to Know

There might be a couple of reasons behind the flight change you require such as some other important chores or JetBlue might change your flight in different circumstances such as technical issues, bad weather, strikes, or any unforeseen situation. However, you need to follow some guidance under the JetBlue Flight Change Policy. Let’s explore them:


Important rules under JetBlue Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Airlines describes certain rules a flyer needs to follow when they are making changes in their flights under the JetBlue Ticket Change Policy. They are stated below:

  • Flights that are booked directly from JetBlue Airlines, can be changed once the submission of complete details.
  • Bookings managed with the help of third-party travel agencies are to be altered with their help only.
  • The flight change fee might vary considering the type of fare you have chosen during the booking.
  • There are same-day change policies that are allowed in special circumstances.
  • If there are refund requests that can be adjusted with flights.
  • There can be a fee charged on a standby flight after a modification in a booking.
  • The rules can be changed based on the itinerary and the fare of the ticket.


So, these were some basic rules of JetBlue Flight Change Policy that one needs to adhere to before they make any changes to their flight. 


JetBlue policy for changing flight dates or destination

  • In case you are changing flight dates or destinations, you might get a new flight with a costlier rate. In that situation, you might need to pay the difference under JetBlue Policy for changing flights.
  • If your new ticket is cheaper than the previous one, you will be credited with the difference.
  • If you have bought your ticket directly from JetBlue you can make the changes using their online portal. Then you can go to the “Manage Trips” and make changes.
  • Also, you can call JetBlue customer care service and request for changes. When you make changes through the phone, it may cost you USD 25 per passenger.
  • You may apply for a JetBlue Travel Bank Credit if you have a nonrefundable ticket but are unsure of your next travel plans. The majority of Travel Bank Credits are great for 12 months after the initial issuing date.


The same-day flight change policy means that you can switch your ticket on the same day for confirmed Blue, Blue Plus, or Mint fares for a fee of $75 and without paying any fare difference. However, Mosaic members and Blue Extra do not charge a fee for same-day flight adjustments.


Same-day flight switch details

  • The same-day switches can only be done on the day of travel which will start at midnight in your departure flight’s time zone.
  • The same-day switch can be made at any fare option under JetBlue Ticket Change Policy. 
  • You can make a same-day switch to an earlier or later flight on the day of your original flight.
  • You can make a same-day switch that will start from midnight in your departure flight time zone and on the same calendar day as your original flight.
  • Mosaic members will not be charged any same-day switch fee and can switch their flights starting 24 hours before the originally scheduled flight.
  • Passengers with refundable fares will not be charged a same-day switch fee.
  • Those redemption bookings with TrueBlue will be qualified for same-day switches.
  • Interline bookings may qualify for the same-day switches. However, in order to make a same-day switch to an interline booking, you need to contact JetBlue.


JetBlue Same Day Standby Travel

For an extra cost of USD 75 (no fare difference will be applicable), you can choose to travel on the same day as standby. You must already have a seat reserved with JetBlue in order to be eligible for standby travel. Any sold-out flight on the same day and between the same locations as your original confirmed trip may be listed for standby travel.


Things to Keep in Mind 

For all fare levels except Blue Extra, there is a $75 cost to be listed for standby travel. In the event that a confirmed seat is not available, the same-day standby travel cost is refunded.

  • You must register for standby travel in person at the airport before your initial flight; it is not possible to do so over the phone or online. 
  • Travel between adjacent city pairs. 
  • Your seat price will be lost if you are booked in an Even More Space seat but choose to fly standby instead.
  • The number of flights leaving from your city must be sufficient for standby travel. 
  • Only standby travel on a Mint seat (if available) costs USD 75 for Mint travelers. No refund for the Mint experience will be given if a core seat is assigned under JetBlue Refund Policy.
  • Only one passenger per booking is needed at the airport to list for standby travel. However, each guest must be present when checking in. 


JetBlue Change Fees

If you change your flight fee via phone using the JetBlue Flight Change Customer Service Number, there will be a fee of USD 25/passenger. However, let’s explore different fee criteria for different classes of flight:


The JetBlue change fees for BlueBasic:

  • It will be $100/passenger for itineraries within North America, the Caribbean, and Central America.
  • USD 200/passenger for all other routes.
  • The same-day change fee applies to Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint fares with the USD 75 under JetBlue Policy change flight.
  • There will be no same-change fee on Mosaic members and BlueExtra fares. 


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